Running Up That Hill




Dreaming of a better world! I dedicate this song to all the people who help other people who need it the most!



out of this world, and unapologetically so.

Alice has fallen down the rabbit hole: Rebecca_1147 has lost herself in a whirl of uncertain curiosity, a tumbling hurricane, which finally finds its feet in a wilderness of Eden. Reborn, she breaks into a run, still lost, but determined to discover. Her debut album Growing Pains stands as Rebecca_1147’s escape from Wonderland, the lead-track Running Up That Hill as its heroine acceleration for a journey back into the world of the living.

This new beginning doesn’t neglect a musical past, however: on her quest, Rebecca is elevated by ten years of violin training, while she remains driven by an undisturbed passion for the kind of creative work Growing Pains exemplifies. It is a fixation deeply rooted in an congenital love for music, which had been suppressed, but never exterminated. A loyalty not only evident in her singing but in the multifaceted armour she has built around it. Art, graphics and videos surrounding her music have all been inspired or entirely produced by Rebecca herself. Her debut album can only be a result of the decision to commit to what was impossible to not commit to, each song represents a contemplation on the way, a hurdle overcome on the the slope leading out of Wonderland.

The songs Waterfall and Take Care accordingly stem from Rebecca’s own songwriting and catch the singer in moments of self-reflexion, forming the personal heart of the record. At the same time, tribute is paid to the likes of Kate Bush, a cover of her smash-hit Wuthering Hights a nod back at lessons learned on the way. Remembering that worthwhile journeys are those shared, the remaining songs were composed by Ludwig Coss and produced by the duo Machine Garden, consisting of the composer himself and engineer Martin Böhm, whose mix gives the songs the wings needed to reach a new, musical realm. Developed in close conjunction with Rebecca, the compositions both guide and seduce the singer on her journey, welcoming and antagonising her in their own corner of Wonderland. Warm Water catches the singer in moments similar to such detours:the dream-like sounds convey a longing and fear of isolation at the same time.

A similar distinction runs through the album in its entirety: the music reflecting not only her own, but her world’s circumstance and growth. Among emerging from the rabbit hole, Rebecca seeks to both find herself, and her presence in a digitally fabricated reality. It is not a desperate longing for approval, nor a complete reliance of authenticity that will get her there, she realises. In fact, that knowledge has accompanied and inspired her as an artist.

The addition of 1147 to her first name was born out of an idea of the kind: looking to give a name to her musical self, the realisation that a singular signifier would not suffice in the distant world of ones and zeros arose. 1147 came to stand as a reminder of the multitudes she contains in the endless space of virtuality. Marrying her name with standardised numbers then soon grew to set the tone for a sound both deeply focused on the singer and headed toward something bigger than herself. Songs like Me Against the World convey these feelings of inferiority and stand as a confession reaching out to everyone of a similar mind.

It is the album’s first track –Running Up That Hill –which emerges as a battle-cry for the same people, a demand to push against a paradoxical universe and an ode to the victory of mind over matter. Throughout the album, Rebecca embarks on the same kind of rocky journey, attempting to flee a need for authenticity and promote a way of looking at the world through the lens of herself. Accordingly, the album renounces traditional love-songs, with Love Me Down thematizing the embrace of lovers, rather than their connection. Until the Sun and Flag of Greed further stand as pieces of strong cultural critique, ridiculing the prominent and tempting solutions of revenge and greed itself. They’re not what will help her escape Wonderland, Rebecca knows.

Such is the music on Growing Pains: out of this world, and unapologetically so. Rebecca_1147 emerges alien, yet deeply grounded in the rabbit-hole-world her music is inspired by.




Women Day
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Billy Thanner’s Art Performance
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