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thank you

This album has been a couple of years in the making. It is my debut and I am blessed with all the great people who have been working on it with me. I still remember the first time I met my producers at MG-Sound. We sat and talked about what I had worked on before and I played them some songs I had written. Looking back on it now, it makes me smile, really: I am not the same person anymore. I was a bit shy and even more self-critical then, but I always knew exactly where I wanted to go. I want to thank Manfred Luger who gave me the chance to do what I always wanted to : singing, writing and creating my own world. If it wasn’t for your support, my life would simply be incomplete. Thank you to Ludwig Coss and Martin Böhm for believing in me when nobody else did. Ludwig, I am still in awe about how fully you have come to understand – and wrote those wonderful songs for – me. It felt like you were looking right into my soul. You helped me find not only my way but also my music. Martin, thank you for being my mentor. You have taught me so many things and I am still learning: your advice is so precious to me. I have felt so comfortable through this entire production, and suddenly I am writing this, looking back on this crazy time already. We did it. We have created a wonderful album: provocative and full of emotion. Growing Pains is about the bitter-sweet difficulty that comes with being alive. But without that kind of darkness, we wouldn’t be the same. You have to stick it out! Thank you to Eric Papilaya and Monika Ballwein for tuning my voice and all that I have learned. A big thanks goes to my family, who has always been supportive and reassured me in that everything we do is just right. You have been so amazing, and I am true blessing. Thank you to my brother Chris Rapp, who is working on everything graphic design with me. I know I’m not always easy, as much you know how much I love you and I am thankful for your help.

Together we are strong!